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Monday, 9 February 2009

Dallywood Sexy Actress POPI

Popy is a name of mysterious. At present she acts in many bangle movies. Popy comes in dallywood in 1996. Her first movie is “Amar Gor amar Beshto”. It was a hit movie. This film, her co-artist is shakil khan. Shakil khan is a famous hero in dallywood. He also acts in many films. His best movie is Biyer full,Narir mon etc. Popy’s full name is Sadika parvin Popy. She has two sisters and one brothers. Popy is unmarried until. But she has fall in love in 1998. Her frist co-artist shakil was her love. She married him also. But she married him secretly. When Popy’s mother heard this news, she told to popy for divorce shakil khan.Popy divorced shakil khan.After that Popy has no married yet. Popy has sexy a sexy style figure.Her sexy style figure is a bad dream for young generation. Her best movies are “ai mon tomake dilam” , Ki jadu korila, Mon,kuli,Doria parer doulot,Bap betir judo,Paharader etc You can see popy hot video in you tube. Popy acts many hot bangle video song and item girl.

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