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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bollywood Hot Acctress Ktrin kaif

Ktrin kaif is quite simply the most sought after star in Bollywood . Her acting career debued in absolute style with the release of the movie 'Boom'. Boom was focused around Models caught up with the underworld and although the movie failed itself Katrina Kaif made her name as millions remembered her sweet face and voluptuous, curvy figure. Very few other actors have gained popularity as quickly or impressively as Katrina Kaif , who stunned the acting world. A quick search can already find thousands of pictures, wallpapers film quotes and more! Katrina is a mix of two races, har father is indian while her mother is pure English. When she first came out critics were more Han harsh of her poor Hindi, influenced by an undercurrent of an English accent. All this did was propel Katrina Kaif into a harsh training regime where she improved her dancing and her Hindi, both required to survive in the Bollywood industry. Katrina Kaif has lived all over the world She was borne on July 16th 1984 in Hong Kong and was raised in England (Although she grew up in Hawaii) Katrina has been modeling since the age of 14 for brands as big as Koda, LG, Cola and L'Oriel. It was then that Kaizad Gustad spotted her and offered her a role in the film Boom which catapulted her to stardom. While Katrina Kaif wears bold Indian outfits in her films her priv ate life is much more subdued. She likes none revealing comfortable clothing and hates wearing makeup. Katrina is notorious for shying away from the public eye, she has publicly said that she wants her private life kept private.

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